Pascal, a long time ago today

Pascal …

When you hear this word as a programming language, words like ‘old’, ‘dead’, ‘obsolete’ may come to your mind.

Classic Pascal like TurboPascal is probably dead, but Delphi and FreePascal Compiler are not.

I must admit that I’m not a Pascal programmer before. I’ve been a self-taught for almost 20 years since 2nd year in medical school. Started with C, C++ and Java, Perl, PHP … so on but never Pascal… Well, I don’t know why.

Then why suddenly I want to study Pascal today? (Delphi, exactly) Why not Golang, Rust, Kotlin etc ?

I’ve been looking for a tool to develop desktop application, cross-platform and mature enough to create complex business application. Think about complex grid, form, reusable component, report, crosstab report etc..

I’ve been a Xojo fan for 10+ years. Since it’s name REALBasic then RealStudio and Xojo right now. It’s a good modern BASIC implementation and has a lot of fun and advantages. But not the tool of choice for what I want to do. Also, my product tend to deploy to MS Windows user as the main group, macOS may have some of the features and no Linux. iOS + Android may be a different tool.

After I’ve tried a few tools and evaluation, even 4GL tools like Omnis Studio, 4D, FileMaker. Finally I can say Delphi is the right choice for me. You can learn more about the features of this product at Embarcadero website.

PS. I’m living in Thailand, not so many people still use it. Most of Delphi programmer still living in a maintenance mode (hahaha) with Delphi 7. That’s why I’m trying to learn and force myself to study Delphi the modern way, then share it here.

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