Not your daddy’s Pascal language

Pascal when you hear someone talk about this programming language, oh man… that’s antique!

Well, quite a bit. I can understand that feeling. But let’s face some facts, with me in this article.

Pascal first appear in 1970, this is the first of its kind. One of the Pascal compiler was the main language that was use to create Apple Lisa and Apple Macintosh in the early day.

Object Pascal Extension appeared in Lisa and become MacApp Application Framework later in 1985. In 1989, Turbo Pascal with Object Oriented Extension released.

Let’s see how many Pascal dialects we have seen.

Delphi was released in 1995 under company named Borland ( then became… -> Inprise -> CodeGear -> Embarcadero -> Idera right now). It was the successor to their Turbo Pascal for DOS that was released in 1986. Right now, Delphi is the Pascal largest market share (no surprise..). It can compile for Windows 32/64 bit, macOS, iOS, Android platforms.

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Delphi v1.0 demonstration.

FreePascal released in 1997 as an open source alternative to Turbo Pascal. Later Lazarus IDE showed in  2001 and release v1.0 in 2012 as a visual designer like Delphi but for Free Pascal compiler. They has been release for desktop Windows, macOS, Linux and *BSD.

Lazarus IDE 1.0 running on macOS
By Lazarus team and J. W. DietrichOwn work (Screenshot), LGPL, Link


Oxygene, another 3rd party Object Pascal Compiler that is very closed to Delphi. One thing to note is it use MS Visual Studio as their own IDE. It was released in 2005 and still has its own market segment for 10+ years. If I remember correctly, it’s separated from Prism project (Delphi for .NET). This compiler is modern and change some small dialect to be close to C# like .Create() to .new(). Also can be compile to be native application in multiple platforms. (Win.NET, Mac, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Android)

Smart Pascal or DWScript was released in 2012 as a new kind of compiler which can compile Object Pascal to JavaScript. They aim to be the web application development tool for current Delphi users.

C ?… well, released in 1972. Designed by Dennis Ritchie.

C++ released after C in 1985. Designed by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Not all of this is good but the Delphi, Oxygene and Lazarus + FreePascal are the major players today. Afaik, in US they’re not much popular this days, but in Europe and South America, still has a lot of developers. One of the main segments is healthcare business that I’ve been involved for quit long.

In the future articles, I’m going to tell some story of Delphi from my perspective. Don’t expect that much since I’ve been using C/C++, Java before I become a Delphi developer one and a half years ago.

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